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2024-07-11 09:55new blog postSebastiano Tronto1+164-0
2024-06-20 13:42Fixed linkSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-06-20 13:40Added blog postSebastiano Tronto1+197-0
2024-06-03 14:37Backed up no cube solvingSebastiano Tronto2+69-1
2024-05-31 19:21New blog postSebastiano Tronto3+92-0
2024-05-22 16:18Some alg updatesSebastiano Tronto1+11-11
2024-05-19 18:31Fixed linksSebastiano Tronto1+2-2
2024-05-16 14:29update cvSebastiano Tronto2+2-1
2024-05-15 20:09Added final solves from FMC UtrechtSebastiano Tronto1+70-0
2024-05-14 15:14Added solveSebastiano Tronto1+74-0
2024-05-14 09:14Added bld sheetsSebastiano Tronto5+96-0
2024-05-12 16:32Added other solutions round 1 utrechtSebastiano Tronto1+94-6
2024-05-12 08:06Added solves from FMC UtrechtSebastiano Tronto1+74-0
2024-05-01 20:00added old bld tutorialSebastiano Tronto2+1-0
2024-04-30 06:37Added blog postSebastiano Tronto1+175-0
2024-04-07 05:05another typoSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-04-07 05:03fixed typoSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-04-07 05:01added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+61-0
2024-03-29 11:37Some fixes to the coordinate pageSebastiano Tronto1+13-13
2024-03-29 11:33Changes to speedcubing pageSebastiano Tronto1+4-1
2024-03-28 06:18CapitalizationSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-03-28 06:17Comma againSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-03-27 16:51added commaSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-03-27 16:50Added tomorrow's blog postSebastiano Tronto3+142-0
2024-03-27 06:59Capitalized UNIX in blog post titleSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-03-27 06:52Added blog postSebastiano Tronto2+22-0
2024-03-15 21:34Added triggers by MauroSebastiano Tronto39+260-1
2024-03-13 18:40Changed cubing to speedcubing for consistency with urlSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2024-03-10 16:10Added Rubik's cube tutorialSebastiano Tronto12+713-0
2024-03-10 10:15Changes to cubing pageSebastiano Tronto24+174-7
2024-02-20 07:59Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+100-0
2024-02-06 08:07Added example for triple sliceSebastiano Tronto1+28-2
2024-02-04 13:40Fixed linkSebastiano Tronto1+172-0
2024-01-29 18:34More stuff on the trigger pageSebastiano Tronto85+667-312
2024-01-27 16:18started page on DR triggersSebastiano Tronto36+366-0
2024-01-15 11:01Merge branch 'master' of Tronto3+113-1
2024-01-13 17:56Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+113-1
2023-12-25 17:52Added blog postSebastiano Tronto1+75-0
2023-12-04 15:16Added coordinate writeupSebastiano Tronto1+280-0
2023-12-03 22:03Updated paper refSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2023-12-03 21:46New post, fixed some stuffSebastiano Tronto4+414-5
2023-11-14 17:49Added blog postSebastiano Tronto7+363-0
2023-11-14 16:36Merge branch 'master' of Tronto20+359-14
2023-10-30 18:07Halloween blog postSebastiano Tronto1+47-0
2023-10-30 17:50Fixed formattingSebastiano Tronto1+4-12
2023-10-25 15:50Fixed typoSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2023-10-21 09:14Added reference to blog series in manpage postsSebastiano Tronto8+30-0
2023-10-21 09:14Fixed makefile username for sshSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2023-10-18 17:35Added blog series indexSebastiano Tronto2+38-0
2023-10-15 07:47new blog postSebastiano Tronto4+238-0
2023-10-08 11:44Changed cubing picureSebastiano Tronto3+1-1
2023-09-16 16:00fix typoSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2023-09-16 15:58Addition to slicing theorySebastiano Tronto1+10-0
2023-09-15 19:52Added blog postSebastiano Tronto1+120-0
2023-09-12 20:55Added backlinkSebastiano Tronto1+2-0
2023-09-06 21:26fixed proofSebastiano Tronto1+7-7
2023-09-06 20:27Added fmc slice theory stuffSebastiano Tronto1+315-0
2023-09-06 13:41Added blog postSebastiano Tronto2+55-0
2023-09-02 16:47Update blog postSebastiano Tronto1+5-0
2023-08-20 12:51new blog postSebastiano Tronto1+247-0
2023-08-19 17:29New blog index; improved build scriptSebastiano Tronto5+44-268
2023-08-19 16:22Refactored build script; bye geminiSebastiano Tronto3+36-67
2023-07-29 21:09Merge branch 'master' of Tronto4+557-0
2023-07-29 21:09added a single fileSebastiano Tronto1+394-0
2023-07-11 21:21Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+348-0
2023-06-16 13:54Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+209-0
2023-05-06 15:43Some changes and additionsSebastiano Tronto34+150-109
2023-05-06 12:28Update blog postSebastiano Tronto1+22-0
2023-05-05 06:28Added blog postSebastiano Tronto4+147-0
2023-04-10 10:43Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+157-0
2023-03-30 10:22Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+328-0
2023-03-30 07:41Added talkSebastiano Tronto2+4-0
2023-03-06 21:44Finished blog postSebastiano Tronto1+59-20
2023-03-06 21:24Resized images + blog postSebastiano Tronto14+94-0
2023-02-25 21:26CSS: font changesSebastiano Tronto1+4-2
2023-02-25 21:12Blog post: remove unneeded commasSebastiano Tronto1+1-1
2023-02-25 21:11CSS: squishSebastiano Tronto2+30-1
2023-02-25 14:18Added blog postSebastiano Tronto6+191-0
2023-01-28 12:04Added blog postSebastiano Tronto5+208-0
2023-01-11 07:33Added blog postSebastiano Tronto4+161-0
2022-12-29 22:59New blog postSebastiano Tronto4+60-0
2022-12-29 22:18Added year to blog indexSebastiano Tronto2+16-0
2022-12-27 22:27Fix typosSebastiano Tronto1+6-6
2022-12-24 19:28Fix grammarSebastiano Tronto1+20-21
2022-12-24 12:08Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+429-0
2022-11-23 23:01Added blog post(s)Sebastiano Tronto4+516-0
2022-10-01 07:04Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+155-0
2022-09-26 15:32Improved rsync name resolutionSebastiano Tronto1+3-4
2022-09-26 09:55Updated personal infoSebastiano Tronto2+12-6
2022-09-26 09:47Added stellingen to research pageSebastiano Tronto2+2-1
2022-09-26 09:45Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+402-0
2022-09-14 05:09Typographical mistakesSebastiano Tronto1+0-0
2022-09-13 14:26Added thesesSebastiano Tronto4+17-0
2022-09-13 14:14Added blog postSebastiano Tronto3+393-0
2022-09-12 13:08Added config file for local httpd; added -f option to remove directoriesSebastiano Tronto2+8-1
2022-09-09 22:10Added blog postSebastiano Tronto7+313-0
2022-09-06 12:41Added talkSebastiano Tronto2+4-0
2022-09-05 20:23Fixed titleSebastiano Tronto3+4-4
2022-09-05 19:47Fixed sed -i on OpenBSDSebastiano Tronto1+3-1
2022-09-05 19:41Added blog postSebastiano Tronto4+97-0
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