NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
aocMy solutions for the Advent of Code Sebastiano Tronto2024-01-01 18:53
arithmeticbilliardDraw arithmetic billiards Sebastiano Tronto2023-08-08 18:13
bclibraryA small collection of mathematical functions for bc(1) Sebastiano Tronto2023-03-25 08:48
cubecoreA library of core functions for working with 3x3x3 Rubik's cubes Sebastiano Tronto2024-05-06 10:26
fmctutorialAn in-depth FMC tutorial Sebastiano Tronto2023-08-19 15:18
git-hooksGit hooks for my repositories Sebastiano Tronto2023-05-07 20:17
h48A prototype for an optimal Rubik's cube solver, work in progress. Sebastiano Tronto2024-06-11 10:05
kummer-degreesCompute the degree of Kummer extensions Sebastiano Tronto2022-01-30 13:42
lepaA letter-pair practice tool for memory sports or similar Sebastiano Tronto2022-05-02 14:51
mathsoftwareA course about LaTeX and SageMath Sebastiano Tronto2022-02-17 14:05
nissy-classicStable branch of nissy Sebastiano Tronto2024-02-27 17:33
nissy-fmcA Rubik's cube FMC assistant Sebastiano Tronto2023-06-25 17:02
nissy-nxA Rubik's cube optimal solver Sebastiano Tronto2023-09-13 17:07
nissyWhere is nissy? Sebastiano Tronto2023-05-01 14:35
platonicsolidsPlatonic solids in Tikz Sebastiano Tronto2022-05-19 13:47
preplogicNotes for the course "elementary logic" Sebastiano Tronto2021-09-17 08:44
scriptsVarious scripts for UNIX-like systems Sebastiano Tronto2024-05-22 16:17
sdepA simple "date+event" line parser Sebastiano Tronto2023-07-03 08:57
sebastiano.tronto.netSource files and build scripts for my personal website Sebastiano Tronto2024-06-03 14:37
taming-cppExperiments with C++ and comparisons with C Sebastiano Tronto2024-04-29 21:01
thermostatJust a TDD exercise Sebastiano Tronto2023-05-30 14:51
voidptrdanceExample code for a blog post on generic programming in C Sebastiano Tronto2023-02-25 22:44