NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
arithmeticbilliardDraw arithmetic billiards Sebastiano Tronto2021-10-25 08:54
fmctutorialAn in-depth FMC tutorial Sebastiano Tronto2022-02-02 09:19
git-hooksUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Sebastiano Tronto2022-11-23 23:38
kummer-degreesCompute the degree of Kummer extensions Sebastiano Tronto2022-01-30 13:42
lepaA letter-pair practice tool for memory sports or similar Sebastiano Tronto2022-05-02 14:51
mathsoftwareA course about LaTeX and SageMath Sebastiano Tronto2022-02-17 14:05
nissyA Rubik's cube solver and FMC assistant Sebastiano Tronto2022-10-28 06:01
platonicsolidsPlatonic solids in Tikz Sebastiano Tronto2022-05-19 13:47
preplogicNotes for the course "elementary logic" Sebastiano Tronto2021-09-17 08:44
scriptsVarious scripts for UNIX-like systems Sebastiano Tronto2022-11-02 16:15
sdepA simple "date+event" line parser Sebastiano Tronto2022-06-21 07:07
sebastiano.tronto.netSource files and build scripts for my personal website Sebastiano Tronto2022-11-23 23:01