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      1 # Website
      3 Nissy is available at
      5 # Requirements
      7 A full installation of nissy requires about 3Gb of space,
      8 of which 2.3Gb are occupied by the huge pruning table for fast optimal solving,
      9 and running it requires the same amount of RAM.
     10 One can choose to never use this function and not to install the relative
     11 pruning table. There is an alternative (slower)
     12 optimal solving function that uses about 500Mb of RAM.
     14 # Installation
     16 ## On Windows
     18 Try downloading and executing in a terminal the file nissy.exe, then
     19 follow the instructions in the Tables section below for
     20 installing the pruning tables.
     21 If nissy.exe does not work, you can try following the UNIX instructions
     22 in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) or in a similar environment.
     24 Sorry for the inconvenience, I don't have a Windows machine to test this on.
     26 ## On a UNIX system:
     28 Edit the Makefile to match your local configuration (usually not necessary, but you
     29 may want to change the PREFIX variable) and run make, followed by make install.
     30 Follow the instructions below to install the pruning tables.
     32 ## Tables
     33 Nissy needs to generate certain large tables to work. These tables are by default
     34 generated the first time they are needed (e.g the first time you ask to solve a
     35 certain step) and then saved to a file. Whenever these tables are needed again,
     36 nissy simply loads the corresponding file from the hard disk.
     38 The very large table for optimal solving can take some time to generate
     39 (about 1.5 hours on my fairly old but decent laptop, using 8 CPU threads).
     40 In order to generate it you need at least 5Gb of RAM.
     41 All other tables are much faster.
     43 You can ask nissy to generate all the tables it will ever need with the gen
     44 command. It is recommended to use more than one thread, if your CPU has them.
     45 For example, you can run:
     47 nissy gen -t 8
     49 to generate all tables using 8 threads.
     51 Alternatively, you can simply download all the tables and copy them into the
     52 correct folder (see manual page, ENVIRONMENT section). On UNIX operating
     53 systems this folder is either .nissy/tables in the user's home directory or
     54 $XDG_DATA_HOME/nissy/tables if the XDG variable is configured. On Windows
     55 it is the same directory as the nissy.exe executable file.
     57 You can downloads all the tables from the following link:
     59 The version 2.0 at the end of the file name is only indicative.
     60 Later versions will use the same tables, unless otherwise specified.